Lana Del Rey’s Most Profound Lyrics On Freedom & Independence

    Red, white, blue is in the skies tonight, y’all

    by · July 04, 2016

    Photo by Chuck Grant

    Lana Del Rey sings a new kind of national anthem. Though drenched in cognac fumes and a Los Angeles crass, Lana Del Rey epitomizes a life lost and a life found. Through her stage persona, Lizzy Grant has discovered herself. Through Lana Del Rey, we come to understand the underbelly of Hollywood glamour and, in turn, learn to worship it all over again.

    We hear the call of the west, the sweet liberation of reckless abandon, and for a moment or two, believe it to be possible. Lana Del Rey’s America is a hazy Hollywood dream. Lana Del Rey’s America is dope and it is proud. She sings of freaks and fading youth, but ultimately, she sings of freedom. Perhaps not blatantly, but a thread of independence ties her oeuvre together. Here, as a salute to our unofficial national anthem, are her most overt lyrics.

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