your new t-shirt: solid as barack

by faran krentcil

For two years, Brooklyn artist Dana Veraldi has taken the blogosphere's favorite people and drawn them - rather perfectly - onto tees.

It started with T-shirts of her friends The MisShapes, which quickly caused a frenzy on Gawker. Then there was her ode to Andre Leon Talley, her shirt of Agyness Deyn (as modeled on her website, Deer Dana, by... Agyness Deyn), and further tributes to other fashion fifes:  the socialite Genevieve Jones, the designer Tory Burch, the lego jewelers Dee and Ricky. 

Now Dana goes a bit more mainstream with her latest creation, the Barack tee.  It's fun, it's unique, and it's free on our site... if you win it.

Send your name, address, and favorite state to and cross your fingers.  Members of the NYLON staff and the extreme right wing are sadly ineligible for this prize.