This Is What ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Would Look Like If It Took Place In California

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If ever you've dreamed what Alice from Alice in Wonderland would look like if she were a Cali girl, Lauren Conrad is here to make that a reality. She designed an Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection for Kohl's. Whatever your gut reaction to that last sentence may be, you should know it's actually pretty cute. 

This marks Conrad's fifth Disney capsule collection for her LC Lauren Conrad line. "We wanted it to be a softer version [of the story]," she explained to E!, citing how dark the original material really is. So, she pulled influence from the wildflowers, tea cups, rabbits, and hearts. "It's a very romantic version of Alice," she said. With that said, the collection features sundresses, rompers, and patterns galore. Basically, it's what Alice would wear if she hailed from the West Coast and paired her tea with juice cleanses. Plus, it's pretty affordable, with pieces ranging between $36 and $68. So, saving the money to see Alice Through the Looking Glass in theaters is easier than ever. 

LC Lauren Conrad's Alice in Wonderland collection hits shelves April 25, just a month shy of Alice Through the Looking Glass' theatrical release date of May 27.

Photo courtesy of Kohl's

Look in the looking glass, admire yourself, then go through it.

Photo courtesy of Kohl's

A outfit perfect for sipping tea (and spilling it).

Photo courtesy of Kohl's

A very important date look to try.