Watch Lauren Jauregui Unpack Her Astrology Chart

She’s a total Cancer

NYLON's resident astrologist Gala Mukomolova sat down with our September cover star Lauren Jauregui to unpack the singer's astrological makeup for our Reading the Stars series. Jauregui was already well versed in her signs, readily offering up the traits each provided to her personality. Mukomolova asked Jauregui if, as a Cancer, she finds herself relating to the always-crying memes, to which she eagerly replied, “I have to let it out.”

Jauregui's moon is in Scorpio, with Leo rising, so she's quite an emotional combination, noting that she was also greatly affected by being raised by three powerful Leos. “I feel like if I was just my Cancer-Scorpio self," she explained, "I probably wouldn’t be as ambitious and forward as I am."

See what else about Jauregui's personality is written in the stars, above. 

Credits:Produced by Alexandra HsieShot by Dani Okon and Charlotte PragerEdited by Dani Okon