Lauren Jauregui Wants To Make Sure Everyone Has A Voice

She says that’ll only happen once we all respect each other

Our September cover star, Lauren Jauregui, is using her platform to make sure that everyone else is able to be their authentic selves. During her cover shoot, we talked to her about the problems with silencing entire groups of people. “There are so many people who are oppressed and so many people who are voiceless and so many people who we kind of write off,” she says. "And at the end of the day, everyone just deserves to be treated like a human being.” Though it’s not a new idea, it’s one that bears repeating, so that the problem can get fixed.

Watch Jauregui talk about the harmful use of religion as a tool of controlling women and the need for respect in the video, below.


Shot and edited by Dani Okon

Produced by Alison Yardley