The Ultimate Lazy Girl’s Gift Guide

    for your lazy self + your lazy friend

    by · December 19, 2015

    While everyone around you is freaking out about buying presents, you just can’t be bothered. You’d rather lounge about and explore the deepest, darkest corners of Netflix. And you know what? You’re totally entitled to do that. But—there’s always a but—you totally can do that while picking up some thoughtful presents for your friends, who also prefer to lay about.

    The key to getting it all done in a quick, efficient manner is to pick gifts that you know your friend will love, but will also be so touched by it they treasure you and their new accessories forever. Opt for odd little trinkets and comfy items that play into nostalgia and pampering, or gifts that give your friend an excuse to stay in on a Friday night.

    Ahead, gifts made for lazy girls, curated by lazy girls.

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