Le Tigre Returns With A Pro-Hillary Clinton Anthem

“I’m With Her”

Le Tigre returns with a brand-new song just in time for the final presidential debate today. Appropriately, it's a pro-Hillary Clinton anthem called "I'm With Her."

"Le Tigre was born from feminist rage, and feminist rage reunites us after a decade," the band wrote on Facebook. "It’s our plea to voters to join us at the ballot box on November 8 to destroy Donald Trump."

The video was directed by Laura Parnes and produced by Tanya Selvaratnam, both of whom are a part of the Filmmakers for Hillary initiative. As the title suggests, Filmmakers for Hillary "generates and distributes short-form shareable content with viral and media potential that inspire the American electorate to get out the vote." It consists of 20 New York-based filmmakers and 90 artists around the world. "We want to embrace and amplify concepts that break through the noise and reach new audiences," they say. 

Partnering with the iconic punk group is certainly a way to go about that. "I'm With Her" is catchy and lists off all the reasons why Clinton is worth voting for, repeating "she's with us" multiple times. 

Currently, Clinton is ahead of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by six points. We'll see how those numbers change after tonight's debate in Las Vegas. Mark your calendars, set alerts and alarms, and do whatever you have to do to remind yourself to vote on November 8. It matters. 

The final presidential debate begins at 9pm EST and will be broadcast across all major news networks.