Le Trouble “Real Talk (Part 2)”

The new tune to get rowdy and get loose to…

by Josh Madden

Canadian band Le Toruble is the product of a chance meeting between a Quebec-born guitarist/songwriter and an Australian singer, but hey rapidly morphed into a tight-knit band. The fellas spent the last two years readying their November 5th release Reality Strikes and if the first single "Real Talk (Part 2)" is any indicator, this record is going to be a dance party favorite.

This track begins with a sassy-falsetto-soul vocal and quickly moves into a driving verse, which topples into a chorus with a yell that makes it feel like A Libertines-meets-Arcade Fire collaboration. Songs like this are made to take a crowd from nodding to the beat to jumping around and mixing it up. We dare you to put on headphones and try to sit still, you won't make it past the 58 second mark. We're stoked on these dudes and patiently await the release of Reality Strikes and some US tour dates. Download their new single below and check out the bands Facebook HERE for all news and show info.