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10 reasons to swap florals for leaf prints this season.

by liza darwin

Florals for spring are pretty and all, but as anyone who's seen The Devil Wears Prada will tell you, they're not exactly groundbreaking.

Our suggestion? Take a break from the whole garden party thing and swap flowers for leafy greens this season. The inspiration may derive from  Don Loper's iconic banana leaf print in the Beverly Hills Hotel, but now the motif has made the high fashion transition, popping up on the runway at designers like WHIT and in retailers like Zara alike.

Make the pattern's next stop your closet, and check out ten of the cutest leaf print pieces here. 

Zara Pants--$59.60

Motel Playsuit--$68

ASOS Swimsuit--$60

JOA Shorts--$47

Forever 21 Earrings--$3.80

Pixie Market Dress--$169

Urban Outfitters Comb--$24

Need Supply-- $121

Nasty Gal Dress--$138

KENZO Sneakers--$297