LED Eyelashes Mean Rave Is The New Unicorn Trend

They’re kind of awesome

All roads lead to raving, the hours-long celebration of peace, love, unity, and respect. These past few months have been awash in viral trends like unicorns and holographic effects. Their rise may seem random, but they've been the building blocks for rave culture's renaissance moment.

This mind-blowing realization occurred to me after stumbling across F.Lashes, LED eyelashes. Tien Pham, the designer behind the new wearable tech, brought them to Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, this month. They are the pinnacle of everything technicolored, glittery, sweet, and shiny 2017 has thrown our way and we've thrown our money toward. (Help us all!) You apply them to your eyelids with glue like you would any other set of fake lashes. A barely-there string discretely wraps around the head to connect with a tiny watch battery pack that allows the user to go between "sparkle mode" and "dance mode," which flashes the lashes all at once. F.Lashes come in all seven colors of the rainbow and are reusable.

Pham explains on F.Lashes' Facebook page that the LEDs don't actually hinder your vision. "I often can't tell I have them turned on," he writes. That's pretty neat. Pham is currently getting a Kickstarter off the ground to help bring these truly magical inventions to the people. Until then, rave babies will just have to make-do with neon feathered lashes, candy bracelets, and those light-up finger gadgets other rave babies just can't seem to get enough of.