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Lena Dunham Posts Essay About Her Journey To Body Positivity

“My body isn’t fair game”

Lena Dunham already warned us that perfection is a lie last year at Reebok's #PerfectNever Revolution summit, but her work is far from done. The actress recently took to Instagram to share a message about her struggle on the road to achieving body positivity.

"Throughout my teens I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was fucking funny looking. Potbelly, rabbit teeth, knock knees- I could never seem to get it right and it haunted my every move," she writes. "I posed as the sassy confident one, secretly horrified and hurt by careless comments and hostility. Let's get something straight: I didn't hate what I looked like- I hated the culture that was telling me to hate it."

Dunham goes on to explain that the praise she received for being her real self at the beginning of her career came off as a backhanded compliment with remarks about how "brave" she was for showing "THAT body on TV." Even though the hate she continues to get from trolls has been soul-draining, Dunham states that it must feel even worse to be a teenage girl faced with these insults every day on a more personal level.

Dunham concludes with that no one's body deserves to be picked apart "no matter their size, color, gender identity," and insists that "there's a place for us all in popular culture to be recognized as beautiful." Lastly, she challenges her haters to be "more intellectual and creative with their disses" going forward into the new year.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Read the entire post, below.