Lena Dunham Is Here To Solve Your Crazy

with awesome sex/love/work advice.

Lena Dunham's office, or "office", or imaginary advice lounge, looks like a scene out of Eloise (which is, coincidentally, one of her favorite books), with vintage phones, a clock radio, and a bottle of pills next to a bottle of champagne. To prep for her September 30 release of her book Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena created 12 videos meant to be tips for the modern women. Dunham-esque questions like, "Am I a questionable feminist?" or "How can I be confident while plus-sized?) are answered in her self-effacingly frank manner. (Spoiler: Women need space to figure out their own feminist, no matter how they dress, and that confidence comes from being the best version of yourself that you can be, which means treating yourself like "precious cargo.")

Each episode features some goofy dancing, a quick cameo from her dog Lamby, her new platinum bob, and some very '80s synth music. The multi-hyphenate talks frankly about sleeping with bad people and the depths of insecurity a woman may feel as a writer — plus all the drugs she takes for her OCD. The message she drives home is the same one, again and again: A generosity of self, feel comfortable in your own skin, and that, even though there exits labels like "plus-size," "OCD", and "feminist", there are infinite ways to approach any of those identities. Which is, um, pretty much why Lena Dunham is a total, irreproachable bad-ass.