Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lesbian Look-alike Reenacts 22 Of His Iconic Movie Scenes

we like her better

Leonardo DiCaprio’s specific brand of attractiveness—especially as seen in the early days of his career—is somewhat transcendent. People across the sexuality spectrum have found themselves drawn to his pretty face; intrigued by the mid-level timbre of his thespian voice.

So the fact that there’s a woman who resembles a young Leo isn’t all that surprising. He was, after all, very beautiful in a kind of androgynous way before settling into his full adult form. But the fact that this woman is also a talented Leo impersonator is something of a #blessing. Watch as this self-identified "Lesbo DiCaprio" reenacts 22 of Leo's iconic scenes so flawlessly, it’s kind of eery—and confusing, for those of us who are primarily attracted to women and also sometimes very pretty famous men who look like our ex-girlfriends if you squint. See also: Justin Bieber, all of One Direction. 

Regardless of what sort of gender presentation stirs you the most, there’s one thing we can all agree on: This girl should win an Oscar. Wouldn’t that be a fun meta plot twist?