Leonardo DiCaprio And Maggie Smith Make The Most Of The Bafta Kiss Cam

their hearts will go on

It has long been the dream of people across the world to get caught on a kiss cam with Leonardo DiCaprio. Then he would have to kiss me, even if he didn't want to because those are the kiss cam rules, we'd think to ourselves. Dame Maggie Smith found herself in that enviable position at the BAFTAs last night, after Stephen Fry gave the audience a primer on what exactly the kiss cam—a distinctly American invention—was.

"If you look to the screen now, you should see that I'm being enevolped by a big heart," Fry said. "Now if someone were next to me, because the heart was on me, I would have to kiss them." He then took the bit to its logical conclusion by focusing it on several pairs of famous guests in attendance. Stanley Tucci and Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Cranston and Julianne Moore, Rebel Wilson and Eddie Izzard—they all played their part and went for it. But the climax came when Leo and Mags appeared side-by-side in the double heart. Would the notorious womanizer go in for the kill, or would the legendary dame teach Leo a thing or two? Your answer, above.

(via The Cut)