who wears the pants?

levi’s new project is museum-worthy.

by liza darwin

We already know that fashion is art. But while that's easy to say about the Costume Institute at The Met or even about the spring '14 runway shows, it's a bigger stretch to compare the artistic greats with our worn-out wardrobes. Right? Well, least as far as Levi's is concerned. 

For its newest project, the denim giant has recruited young artists across the nation to interpret the brand's new Levi's Made and Crafted collection in his or her particular style. Each month we'll get to see our favorite jeans in an entirely new habitat, moving from our closet to framed on our walls.

Brooklyn photographer Joanna McClure--who's shot for Another and Wilder Quarterly, among others-- is the latest to tackle the challenge by transforming the basic blues into abstract sculptures, and photographing the result. According to the artist, her process was all about going back to the fabric's beginnings. 

"This project took on many iterations before reaching its final destination-- given the task of shooting denim in any way that I wanted proved to be both a blessing and a curse!" she explained. "The options were unlimited, but in the end I decided to take a look at the process of how denim is actually made. I focused it down to a few things: construction, strength, and structure. What better way to express these qualities than to turn this great cloth into a sculpture- at once playful and strong." 

Click below to see McClure's images, and never look at your jeans the same way again.