there’s no better tour guide to the city than it’s local denim expert.

by ray siegel

San Francisco makes us think of trolleys, Rice-a-Roni (a San Francisco treat), Full House, and the home of our favorite denim brand: Levi Strauss. Which is why we asked the Levi's creative director Len Peltier to be our guide of the city—just a few minutes talking with him and we're ready to book a flight to the California city.  Even if you're a San Francisco regular, there are still plenty of reasons to visit; according to Peltier. It's always sunny, there are endless cool places to drink (most of which are dog-friendly), and Halloween or not, wearing costumes is always welcome, which he attributes to "a weird Burning Man hangover."  What about this place doesn't sound like heaven on earth?

From the best place 24-hour party spot to the ultimate federal penitentiary to break up with your boo at, Peltier's guide does not miss a beat. Judging by how much the man knows about denim, that doesn't come as much of a surprise.

The Place Dog Walkers Who Could Use A Drink: 500 Club (500 Guerrero Street)

"It's one of the oldest, crappiest, dive-iest bars. They allow dogs inside, so it's a good spot to stop for a whiskey while you're taking your dog for a walk. I recently ran into one of my co-workers there in her pajamas."

The Best Place For A Stiff Drink: Homestead (2301 Folsom St)

"The bar looks like a genuine Victorian saloon complete with velvety wallpaper and an embossed tin ceiling. They sell peanuts and allow you to throw the shells on the floor. It's also pet friendly, so you'll always see dogs underneath all of the tables."

The Best Place To Outfit Your Apartment: NWBLK 1999 Bryant St

"It's an applied arts gallery, craft fabrication facility, and designer incubator—making for an interesting collaboration of disciplines all in one space. It's a whole immersive experience."

The Best Five Hour Meal: Saison (2124 Folsom St)

"It's a completely locally grown, amazing restaurant. There might just be two choices on the menu, but there are multiple courses. They grow stuff on their roof and then the rest comes from local farmers."

The Best Place To Cop A New Book: Adobe Books (3166 16th St)

"Treasure bookstore in the Mission with books lined from floor to ceiling. The best part is the gallery in the back for emerging San Francisco talent."

The Best Place To Buy A New Pair Of Jeans: Levi's Union Square (300 Post Street)

"For Levi's Vintage Collection and Levi's Made & Crafted. Duh."

Most San Francisco Place In San Francisco: The Ferry Building (1 Sausalito)

"Located right outside the Ferry Building, the market features tons of fresh produce, lots of arts and crafts, specialty foods with endless samples, and of course food stands. You can sit outside and have gin and oysters while watching the boats. It's very San Francisco."

Best Place To Buy A Gift…For Yourself: Paxton Gate (824 Valencia St)

"It's taxidermy with a twist: You can buy carnivorous plants, insects, laboratory glassware, geodes, skulls, fossils, bones, and beautiful plants. It's like walking into an underground museum or an installation art piece."

Best Place To End Up On A Saturday Night: The End Up-401 6th St

It's one of the oldest clubs and it stays open the entire weekend. There's a huge backyard and they have always have a good DJ—the super-keep-you-up kind of DJ. It's more upbeat dance than dark, trance-y music. It's a really mixed crowd. I have stayed there for a couple of days before.

Best Place For A Breakup: Alcatraz Prison,  For Tours Call 415-353-5310

You can just go out there, hop the ferry back, and lose the rest of your tour group. There's no good place to break up.