like butter

our new favorite moisturizer is fat-free.

by ali hoffman

Certain foods, like chocolate or coffee, always waver between beneficial and harmful. But butter isn't one of those foods - it's just plain bad for you.

Despite your love of croissants, you probably don't want to carry butter everywhere you go - unless you're talking about a Beekman 1802 Stick of Butter. 

Handmade using ingredients like mango, calendula-infused olive oil, and pure beeswax, the all-purpose moisturizer looks a lot like a real stick of butter. But besides its name and appearance, the solid lotion isn't greasy at all.  It quickly dissolves onto your skin or lips, and makes them soft but mysteriously shine free.  It's pretty much our ideal lip balm, hand cream, and / or portable lotion- all in one. 

Looks like butter ain't so bad after all.  

Get it for $15 here!