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    by · October 07, 2015

    illustration by liz riccardi

    When NYLON decided to get into the advice game, we were faced with a conundrum: Who could advise our readers and our friends with equal parts real-talk and positivity?
    Only one gal fits the bill: Lil BUB. Here we invite readers to reach out to BUB for some guidance and vibes. Fortunately, we’ve been able to translate her purrs and gurgles into real advice, getting some magic BUB-ness out there for all. The third Wednesday of every month will henceforth be known as A BUB AND BEYOND, a day where Lil BUB answers your most pressing questions.
    But how, you say, will I be able to send the world’s cutest cat all of my inquiries? Reach out to BUB directly at askbub@nylon.com. Boom.
    Hey dudes! Lil BUB wasn’t able to offer any advice this week because she’s been busy working on a very special project. It’s an album and we’re just really proud of her. Though she wasn’t able to flush out your hard-hitting questions, she did have one morsel of wisdom to impart. See below:
    “I was so busy working on my own stuff I couldn’t get to a question, but that’s my advice: Sometimes you gotta put yourself first, cause you’re worth it!“You guys are worth it, and so is Lil BUB’s dedication to her work. Science & Magic will be released December 4, with preorders available now. It’s going to be magical, wonderful, and bursting with a joy only Lil BUB can bring. Until next time! BUB-bye!
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