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get cozy

shop the coolest sweatshirts inspired by lily collins.

by steff yotka

Thanksgiving is just in a couple of days, meaning you're looking for the best way to look awesome while being comfortable enough to sit an eat for an entire day. Don't fret over it, the solution is obvious: a sweatshirt. Just because it's cozy doesn't mean it can't be cool, case-in-point Lily Collins' Givenchy sweatshirt that she wore to the label's spring '14 fashion show in Paris.

While you'll probably hesitate to drop the thousands of dollars that Bambi sweatshirt costs--and have a hard time finding one at all considering they sold out in a snap--our favorite printed sweatshirts are here to help you recreate Collins' look with ease. From a floral option at Mango, to Opening Ceremony's Elvis sweatshirt, to Elizabeth and James' semi-sheer one, there are a lot of cool sweatshirts out there fashionable enough for a fancy event and comfy enough to eat a lot of Thanksgiving pie in. Isn't that the dream?

Mango Sweatshirt -- $49.99

Zara Sweatshirt -- $49.90

Kenzo x Toilet Paper Magazine Sweatshirt -- $230

APC Printed Sweatshirt -- $190

Hive & Honey Sweatshirt -- $39.99

Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren Striped Sweatshirt -- $79.50

Michael van der Ham Sweatshirt -- $275

Jack by BB Dakota Sweatshirt -- $39.99

Elizabeth and James Sweatshirt -- $232

Billabong Camouflage Sweatshirt -- $52

Opening Ceremony x Elvis Sweatshirt -- $150

Band of Outsiders Sweatshirt -- $286

Wood Wood Floral Sweatshirt -- $163.74

Topshop Textured Snake Print Sweatshirt -- $160