lily-rose depp had the most morbid sweet 16 ever

    off with their heads!

    by · May 29, 2015

    photo via @willowlilyrose instagram

    A Sweet 16 seems like as good a time as any to recreate the French Revolution. And so, to mark the sixteenth anniversary of her birth, actress/social media It girl/daughter of famous people Lily-Rose Depp reenacted the history-changing event. There was most likely cake and there probably wasn’t a bread shortage, but they made sure to bring the gore.

    With a guillotine, shackles, and a string of garlic in tow, Depp effectively rendered every former mega sweet 16 bash lame, boring, and essentially irrelevant. Who cares if Snoop Dogg performed at your party? You got a tricked out Range Rover? Did it come with a medieval flail?

    Click through the gallery to see pics from the sour sixteen.

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