Lindsay Lohan Is The New Spokesperson For

Proving once again that she has a sense of humor

Lindsay Lohan is very, how do we say, familiar with the law. As former child stars typically do, she’s had her fair share of run-ins with the authorities. It’s ironic, then, that she’s just become the new face of

Or, maybe it’s ingenious? Nobody knows what to look for in a good lawyer better than someone in Hollywood! Lohan explains her decision in an ad. "When first reached out to me I was confused and a little worried as I thought I was in trouble,” she jokes. “After meeting with the team, I realized is just about helping people from getting a DUI... Let's not pretend like I didn't get one...or two or three, or some others.”

This doesn’t appear to be an early April Fools' Day prank either, though Lohan does give a sly wink at the end of the commercial. According to a press release, she will act as a marketing and brand advisor and “meet and brainstorm with management on new strategies to raise’s awareness.” Sure enough, if you head over to the website, Lohan is there, front and center. 

And hey, at least she’s doing something proactive and not speaking in that bizarre accent anymore. That’s what we like to call growth