lip oil: what your mouth is missing?

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    by · March 12, 2015

    Introducing Unsung Heroes, where we sing the praises of beauty products that don’t get enough love. From the totally weird to the surprisingly essential, we’ll be highlighting the life-changing little things that we obsess over.

    In the beauty world, oils are considered a big deal. We could write a novel about the myriad of beauty oils and all of the kickass benefits they reap, but let’s be real: Somebody probably already beat us to it. It’s 2015, and oils are about as essential to our beauty arsenals as denim is to our wardrobes—so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you should probably get on that ASAP.

    As far as we’re concerned, oils are freaking fab anytime of the year. From cracked skin to parched hair, oils seem to be the cure-alls, yet there’s one kind that’s flown under the radar for far too long. Allow us to introduce you to lip oils. Falling somewhere between a balm and a gloss (sans stickiness), these skin-softening products are packed with a multitude of nutrient-rich oils to penetrate deeply and leave our kissers feeling damn fantastic. These hydrators take lip-conditioning to a whole new level, and some are event tinted for added lusciousness.

    Click through to find our favorites, and of course, the one that speaks to you.

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