lipstick jungle

one tube of makeup can save the world.

by faran krentcil

Think back to our famous "Nail Art" segment

, and you may remember Michael Angelo, the fun and fabulous owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

But the coiffeur has other things in his orbit besides hair (and there's a lot of it - he tends to Brooklyn Decker, Devon Aoki, and Noot Seear, among other famous faces). He also helps The Somaly Mam Foundation, a human rights organization that helps save and rehabilitate Thai sex slaves.

To raise money and awareness for the cause, Michael Angelo broke out his camera (yes, he's also a photographer), and shot famous faces sporting Lipstick Queen's red hue.

The prints are currently on sale, and 100% of the money will go directly to the charity.  Check out our favorites below, then hit up

for more info, or head to

401 Projects

in New York City to see the full exhibit.