little squirt

manic panic remains our main squeeze - now literally.

by faran krentcil

There's only one thing we've never loved about Manic Panic hair dye: Sometimes in the shower, it's rough to unscrew the jar, take a non-watery smear of the color cream, and apply it for hair touch-ups or streaks without making a total mess. If you've ever emerged from your bathroom looking like a paintball victim, you know what we're talking about. So when we saw Manic Panic had recently repackaged their trademark formula in a shower-friendly squirt bottle, we were way more giddy than a plastic cap should ever make us.

If you want gobs and gobs of the hair color for an all-over dye job, you can still buy the traditional MP jars - or just unscrew the cap on this one and squeeze it into your scalp like ketchup over french fries. And one more hint: Take a squirt of Manic Panic and mix with your conditioner to make a non-permanent, faded color wash that's perfect for the last weeks of summer.

Manic Panic Amplified Bottles, $15 each.

Manic Panic Amplified Bottles, $15 each.