Lykke Li’s Supergroup Dropped A Dreamy New Song About “Heaven”

Liv continues to rise above it all

Today is significantly better than usual, and that is because so many of our favorite artists unleashed new music into the universe at the same time. Lykke Li's "love child" supergroup, liv, is the latest to share a slice of musical bliss in the form of their new single called "Heaven."

"I know it’s hell, I know it's helpless/ But it feels like heaven is waiting for us," the group sings in the chorus. The message couldn't be more relevant in light of everything going on in the world. This song is sort of like a bright, shining anthem of hope. Live and let live, you dig?

The daydream-inducing tune is also the perfect pairing with Lana Del Rey's “Coachella—Woodstock In My Mind." We will definitely be adding "Heaven" to our summer soundtrack—it's ideal for long walks on the beach, road trips across the country, and being in the company of people you love.

The provocative cover art for the single is a colorful painting of what appears to be a grapefruit morphing into a vagina. (Happy 69 Day, by the way!) How fitting is it that SZA has a track with Kendrick Lamar on her newly released album, CTRL, that is also dedicated to the power of the pussy? Terror Jr  is also worth an honorable mention for constantly reminding us to "pray for the pussy."

Anyway, you can watch liv's cute lyric video for their uplifting tune, below.