15 Tweets From 2015 That Make Us Laugh Every Time

we laughed, we cried, things got dark

Twitter is a magical land of newsworthy soundbites, hard-hitting journalism, and absolute absurdity. Some of the best Tweets are the ones too weird or too dad-joke to even share with anyone. The NYLON team pored through our faves (now known as 'likes'?!) and found the ones that left us dying. We're sure you have your picks too, so be brave and RT on. 

Twitter: @Pax420

Too f**king real.

Twitter: @ditzkoff

Dave, that escalated at light speed (sorry, SORRY).

Twitter: @bananalise

BRB, becoming ethereal vapor.

Twitter: @bafeldman

Because ban millenial-hating thinkpieces in 2016.

Twitter: @robfee

Almost as bad as having Banksy as your roommate.

Twitter: @dashausofjack

Why is this so funny? WHY.

Twitter: @cher

This list would not be complete without the queen of Twitter. Cher, never change.

Twitter: @sandyhonig

Me AF.


Never looking at 'gators the same way again.

Twitter: @katya_zamo


Twitter: @broderick

The look on his face says it all.

Twitter: @KanyeOfficiaI

Questionable dating advice from Yeezus.

Twitter: @danimgrace

Seems like a logical plan...

Twitter: @iheart_Ari

We've all been here.

Twitter: @Harry_Styles

Happy New Year, from Harry Styles.