editor’s pick: lo-lee-ta

some sunglasses to shield you from the light of your life.

by steff yotka


, lovely lyrical novel, fiery topic of conversation. My favorite book, my favorite author. Lo-lee-ta.

OK, so obviously I'm obsessed with


the complex novel with twists and turns of plot and word by Vladimir Nabokov. As most know, 


first gained acclaim for it's "salacious" plot, but has become more associated today with heart-shaped sunglasses, saddle shoes, and a very intense Japanese subculture. Of course, these modern fashion interpretations have very little to do with the actual book, and more to do with the two movies that I pretend don't exist. (I'm a book purist, people. And in the book, Lo's wardrobe is all slacks, dresses of ooh-la-la black, and bobby pins on the dashboard.) 

Not going to lie, though, when I saw these

"Lolita" sunglasses in the NYLON Shop

, I wanted them desperately, but not because they remind me of


. With their oversize frames, heaps of rhinestones and sequins, and cherry red color, these sunnies are 100-percent Charlotte Haze, the mother of Lolita in Nabokov's novel. And let's be real, Charlotte Haze's tacky, eclectic, retro style is definitely having a moment. From pedal pushers at


, to rhinestone everything at


, to

fitted '50s-style silhouettes

on Hollywood starlets, the Haze effect is in full force. So, yes, I'll be rocking some heart-shaped sunglasses with a Betty draper dress and peach-hued nail polish.

I mean, look at this tangle of rhinestones. How could you not want your own pair?