you can ring my bell (bottoms).

by faran krentcil

"You've Gotta Get a Gimmick" isn't just a show tune - it's also a mantra, at least according to Henry Holland. Each season, the British Fashion Designer picks a theme - supermodels, Axl Rose, garden trellises - and follows it to the letter, with hair, makeup, and t-shirts that are both over-the-top and I-might-dare-it.  There were the Pantone color chips that became striped leggings, t-shirt dresses, and a shaggy three-tone coat that only Pixie Geldof could successfully pull off.  There were the text messages that sent FML, BRB, and OMFG emblazoned on pants, jackets, and even the models' manicures.  And this time, there was disco.

In true House of Holland style, it was way over-the-top.  Semi-sheer gold lamé dresses.  Bell bottoms and denim jumpers emblazoned with giant foil stars ("You're a sexpot, A plus!").  And some surprisingly tame pleated rayon dresses, straight out of Tootsie's wardrobe closet.  Weirdly, there were also some island prints going on; even stranger, they looked really cool on the models' backpacks. 

Did we love it?  Yeah.  Could we wear it?  Maybe the metallic schoolgirl skirts and the flouncy dresses.  The rest we'll leave to Pixie... and maybe Lily Allen, who also sat in the front row (albeit wearing all black, and Chanel).

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