London Grammar Sights

new music, new reasons to have the best weekend ever.

by nylon

London Grammar - "Sights"

Anyone lucky enough to have heard this U.K. trio perform live will immediately recognize the quiet power captured in this concert video--the slow build, the subtle tension, the stage lights playing off a sea of enraptured faces, the cool down. The equally simple yet effective conceit at the end is the best part, though. Wait for it. MELISSA GIANNINI

Damon Albarn - "Heavy Seas of Love"

As co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz, Damon Albarn has proved his creativity knows no bounds--he even directed his new clap-along easy-electro song's music video. OK, so parts might resemble a twisted travel ad, but we wouldn’t mind visiting this slightly off destination—especially with Albarn as our tour guide. ALEXA PEARCE

Pillowtalk - "Meet Me in the Dark"

Born of long plane rides, jam sessions in random Berlin apartments, and drunken late-night-to-early-morning hangouts in the studio, Pillowtalk's debut LP Je Ne Sais Quoi has a certain….je ne sais quoi--especially in the smooth beats and soothing vocals of this particular track. AP

King Avriel - "Caricatures"

Scratchy, meandering guitar and a booming drumbeat provide an intense base for breathtaking R&B vocals in this heavy track that has a lot going on and a lot going for it. MG

Pegase - "Old Idol"

Pegase might not be breaking any new ground with this easy-on-the-ears electropop tune, but the past four minutes and 12 seconds we've just spent watching the video, in all of its low-lit mystery and young-romance glory set to New Order-y beats, have been the best four minutes and 12 seconds we've had all day. MG