London Grunge

The latest shoot from our London bruvs…

by Josh Madden

London Grunge

It's always rad whenever our UK stylist buddy Kieron Watts sends us a first look at what he's been working on. While the world of fashion is really small these days thanks to the internet, we still get a lot of insight on emerging brands on the other side of the pond from these shoots. The style that Watts went with this go-around isn't far off from our own, and photographer

Jeff Boudreau

creates a real 

Last Days 

vibe a la Gus Van Sant. The duo worked well to achieve a second coming of grunge feel and Boudreau had this to say about the inspiration:

"For this story Kieron and I combined the energy of Kurt Cobain's personal style, the grunge movement and sportswear, and chucked it all out in a sunny park. Kieron's vast inspirations for this shoot were drawn from the past and new subcultures of fashion, music, art and design, while I was really drawn to the weather that London's been experiencing, to put it plainly! For me it’s always been about the light in stories and the energy that is always present being outside. It was also a matter of combining elements that on the surface would never really work together, i.e. shooting luxe streetwear brands with a grunge twist in a park. We wanted to push it a little…having designers like Liam Hodges, Casey Hayord, Vindur and Draw in the Light backing us inspired the idea of trying something different. Menswear in London is always looking to mix and inspire - we all know theres a lot less rules here and we love it. "

Check out more of the photographer's work 


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. All of the wardrobe styling was done by Kieron Watts, who can be found on Twitter 


and the grooming was done by 

Brady Lea

, whose Twitter is right over 


. Lastly, the featured model is Harvey from Models1. Thanks again to our London bruvs for always keeping us in the know on the newest gear!