Long Shiny Hair How-To

her long, shiny hair is no laughing matter.

by rebecca willa davis

We've seen Alison Brie take on a range of roles, from the serious (Trudy Campbell in Mad Men) to the not-so-serious (Annie Edison on Community), but the one constant? Her super-shiny hair.

Now there's no reason to be jealous--just watch the clip below if you need to cool down for a sec--because we can all steal a little bit of her shine. That's right, long shiny locks aren't the domain of celebs only; it just requires a bit more than a roll-out-of-bed-routine. A few expert tips: Keep brushing to a minimum, go in for regular trims, and if you're really serious about it, try Viviscal--a  hair growth supplement that will give you results in three months.

As for the rest of your routine, here's your three-step plan for shining on:

SULFATE-FREE IT: AG Hair Cosmetics Moisture & Shine Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo - $20

The harsher the chemicals in your hair products, the more they'll strip your hair of its natural protectants. If you really want to get your hair long and glossy, go for a sulfate-free option. We give this one bonus points for the fact that it's specifically formulated for giving you extra shine and moisture.

SCALP IT: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Daily Conditioner - $5.99

While you might be locked in on your locks, the health of your scalp is just as important when it comes to growing out your hair. The name alone should give you a hint of what this conditioner is all about--but just in case: Think long, strong tresses.

DRY IT: Oribe Soft-Dry Conditioning Spray - $35

You don't want to overdo the washing and styling with your hair--so make sure you've got a dry shampoo for your roots during those in-between-wash moments, and then invest in a dry conditioner to make sure the ends stay shiny too. This one smells heavenly, BTW.