lookbook: adidas slvr

anouck lepere gets sporty

by faran krentcil

It seems the brains at Adidas SLVR anticipate wet weather for Fall - at least according to their new look book. They've created a slew of trenches, anoraks, and blazers that look just as concerned with keeping you dry and warm as they do with looking cool.  And thanks to the continual merge of sportswear and sports wear, a lot of this stuff is made with high-tech materials that insulate heat, but still let you move around without feeling like a strapped-in marshmallow.  That's good for your comfort, but also negates the usual "how fat do I look in this coat?" question that often comes with colder climates.  Not that Anouck Lepere, the Adidas model who starred on one of NYLON's very first covers, could look fat in anything...