take pictures of your friends in their underwear. no, really.

by faran krentcil

The DIY movement has gained major legs in the fashion and beauty industries (just see Ali Hoffman's multiple Chanel Nail Polish tutorials to prove it).

But although we've long been proponents of ripping your own jeans and studding your own sneakers, designer Araks Yeramyan takes the idea one step further.  For her latest ARAKS lookbook, the New York designer asked her friends - model Adina Fohlin, stylist Julie Gilhart, and editor Sally Singer, among others - to dress up their friends, family, and sometimes even front yards with her lingerie.  Then they took photos.

Is this the wave of the future?  Probably not - after all, how many times can you really convince your clique to grab their Canon Power Shots and strip down to their undies?