going up? cameo’s new looks were shot in an elevator.

by ray siegel

Maybe the elevator setting in Cameo's pre-spring 2013 lookbook is metaphorical because Kathryn Forth has been going nowhere but up since she started designing for the line in 2010. Kathryn was planning to become a figure skater when she grew up—an odd choice for a girl living in earth's driest climate—we're so glad she ditched idea that and made us these pretty clothes instead.

Make that a lot of pretty clothes. They're currently putting out eleven ranges per year—which is awesome, but totally insane. Kathryn told us, "Our customer is ahead of all the trends; she is an avid blogger and thrives off of unconventional shapes and styling. She contrasts designer garments with contemporary and vintage finds—whatever will give her the most unique look. Her style could be described as feminine, clean, and experimental." Hmm, that sounds like a few of girls that we know.

And because that girl is us, we also know that she isn't so easily satisfied. But Kathryn knows how to cater to that. "We are starting monthly trips to different international fabric markets so that we can stay on top of fabric trends and the latest developments."

Kathryn mentioned that they just might be venturing into the shoe thing. Some new pairs of kicks to round out our head-to-toe Cameo looks—we're not mad at that.

Peep our favorite looks right now. And if you haven't gotten enough brand new fashion for one day, here's one more lookbook that we've been eyeing this week.