like an episode of “girls”, only with way better clothing.

by rebecca willa davis

You don't have to be obsessed with Girls to love this new catalog lookbook from Free People. For one thing, it features Sheila Marquez, who we've been into since she made her runway debut at Gucci back in 2007. There are also the clothes--a lace dress in the most amazing shade of tangerine, a moto-style sweater, and perfectly distressed denim shorts--which means that our must-shop list has instantly doubled. And the setting: New York City, with stops at some of our favorite 'hoods (hey, Williamsburg).

But we're not going to lie: The fact that this lookbook also features Christopher Abbott, who plays oh-so-cute Charlie on Lena Dunham's HBO TV show, certainly makes us like it even more. The newly-hirsute Abbott (shaved head is gone, with the added bonus of a beard) plays lover to Sheila's bohemian babe, and if you weren't convinced that Marnie was out of the picture, this should do it.

And if flipping through these pics makes you wish that you didn't have to wait until Sunday to watch Girls, you're in luck; there's also a short film called Roshambo that goes with it, which you can watch here.