bermuda, bahama, come on pretty mama…

by ali hoffman

After weeks of talking about this fancy French fashion house or that funky underground British brand, we thought you might need a vacation.

Enter Gypsy, a Hawaiian bathing suit and underwear company that's just as flattering as it is comfortable. Designed by Kate Ruggiero, who moved from New York to Hawaii a few years back, the entire line is hand-sewn and inspired by the tropical lifestyle and natural beauty of the islands.

Dubbed "Paradise Found" (Milton, anyone?), the brand's latest collection features everything from a birds of paradise bralette to a silk kimono we dream of running through a jungle barefoot in. Shot by photographer Daeja Fallas, the look book will likely leave you daydreaming of a tropical rendezvous--or booking the next flight direct to Maui.

Check it out the photos below and then click here to place your orders.