lookbook: hudson

jumping for joy with georgia may and jon k.

by steff yotka

Well, hello there Jon Kortajarena, it's been a while. Aren't you looking fancy in your Hudson jeans!

OK--sorry! We are just having a little bit of trouble concentrating since the Spanish male model puts us into a trance with his really, really, ridiculously good-looking handsomeness. Ever since Hudson Jeans' fall '13 ad images hit our inboxes this morning we've been a little dazed, to say the least.

The campaign stars Kortajarena beside Georgia May Jagger in the coolest, skinniest, most rocking jeans around. Inspired by the idea of just letting go, Kortajarena and Jagger take turns jumping up and down (the behind-the-scenes video reveals that they're actually bouncing on a giant trampoline) and getting next-to-nude (also the behind-the-scenes video--so basically, another hangout we weren't invited to, thanks).

Check out their moves in the photos and tell us your favorite way to let go in the comments. We're going to pick chilling in bed on Sunday morning reading old NYLON issues as ours... A little narcissistic, OK, but totally true.