the coolest non-denim from the jean brand.

by liza darwin

Think Kasil, think jeans? Time to think again.

Although the Lost Angeles-based brand has built their name on tailored denim since their beginning back in 2002-proving that jeans can indeed be chic- this Fall, they're officially branching out.

Kasil collaborator Taylor Jacobson is launching a non-denim collection of paperboy pants, pleated trousers, and skinny wool cargos that are begging to be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Given Jacobson's history working with Rachel Zoe, it's not too surprising that the adorable lookbook doubles as a cute go-to styling guide (hey, even the overalls look fashionable!).

And just in case you're worried about suffering from a denim drought this Fall, rest assured. Kasil's added more of their signature jeans, meaning you don't have to retire your wardrobe staples entirely while you're giving these new styles a spin.