lookbook: mademe

take your ’90s-era courtney love adoration to the next level.

by rebecca willa davis

If the MadeMe spring '13 collection had an anthem, it would be Hole's "Miss World". "You know in that video, when she's crying and her makeup is running down?" says designer Erin Magee of the 1994 single. "That's where we got the inspiration." Indeed, you see traces of the riot grrrl-grunge era in the high-waisted babydoll dresses (with words like "fuck" embroidered on the front), the leopard print pea coats, and the plaid mini-skirts. "I sat down and thought about what's been a big inspiration in my life and the girl movements I've been into," explains the designer, who by day works full-time for Supreme.

The details are what make the collection--the lace you see in the empire-waist dresses is actually a spider web, and the back of the MA-1 bomber jacket features a giant cat face.

"I can actually see Courtney Love wearing [that leopard jacket] in so many pictures in my mind," admits Magee. But what is most remarkable about the collection is how it doesn't feel entirely like a time capsule dug up from the early '90s. "I think you can't be so historical all the time," agrees Magee, adding, "Otherwise your collections aren't going to be wearable for girls who shop now. You have to pull a little bit from your past and from your references, and then make them work for today's girl." And if the "half riot grrrl-half grunge, and then the other half is rave" look doesn't satiate your '90s nostalgia, stay tuned for a MadeMe collaboration with Dickies, slated for fall '13--Magee is "thinking, without sound cheesy, of SoCal--a little bit Gwen Stefani, that work pant…maybe some overalls?"

In the meantime, we'll happily wear a "fuck" lace dress and a cat bomber and blast Live Through This.

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