keiko lynn does the ultimate diy for this handbag line.

by faran krentcil

We're DIY junkies in the NYLON office, but apparently we have nothing on Keiko Lynn. The designer, photographer, and blogger was recently issued the ultimate challenge by R&Em handbags: Create, style, and photograph their Spring 2011 lookbook all by herself.

Fortunately, Lynn's had lots of practice: In 2008, she began recording her daily outfits online.  "It wasn't because I wanted a style blog," she explains, "It was because I was designing my collection from home, and I'd be in my pajamas all day sewing.  It was gross and depressing.  I finally decided to get dressed up as if I were going to some fantastic place, even if I was staying home all day.  I started taking photos of myself to document what I was doing so that I couldn't slack off!"

Now Keiko's a muse for R&Em, the accessories collection at Macy's that's affordable and really cute (when we recently met Keiko, we actually considered stealing her bag...).  She shot the look book inside her Park Slope apartment, with a few shots outside.  "There should have been more, because it was for the Spring collection," Lynn admits, "But we had to shoot it while there was still snow on the ground, so that was a little limiting... and uh, I was really cold."

To be fair, Lynn did have a partner-in-crime - her puppy, Miku, also stars in the shoot.  "I wanted to name him Unicorn," says Lynn, "But my mom pretty much shut that down."

Visit Keiko on her blog

And check out R&Em's complete spring collection, available at Macy's.