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    the latest collection from the british brand goes pop!

    by · February 04, 2013
    Things that you’ll find in Rodnik’s spring ’13 collection: a slice of cheese, and hock of ham, a washing machine, and a lot of wink-winking. “I like my clothes to be bold and elaborate and mocking this traditional notion of fashion,” explains designer Philip Colbert, who found his inspiration in both ‘50s pop art and the ’50s household. It’s hard to check out the lookbook and not flip out over the sequined bags and body-skimming dresses, as much for the way the look as for the political stand they take. “It’s almost capturing that sense of absurd irony and ridiculousness of the perfect housewife’s kitchen,” Colbert says, pointing to the Brillo box, soup cans, and matches as examples. In this era of fast-fashion and perma-trends, finding someone who is looking to make a statement bigger than just “peplums are cool” is a revelation. But we also love the fact that for as statement-making as this collection may be, it’s also totally wearable--at least, it is if you’re not afraid of a color or a crazy print. As the British designer points out, “If you thought about making an ironic dress, you think of the obvious things--you put some lipsticks on it or cherries, little symbolisms that are obvious. So I wanted to do things that were slightly different.” Different? Sure. But also totally covetable. And lucky for us, the spring ’13 collection just became available for purchase this weekend. You can have at it here.
    Want more Rodnik? Here’s our first look at his collaboration with Audrey Napoleon.
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