our latest fashion crush from down under.

by liza darwin

Thanks to brands like Shakuhachi, Lover, and Insight (to name a few), Australia's fashion cred is quickly spreading overseas to the States. And why not? The Land Down Under specializes in effortless, cool-girl clothing that's hard to find anywhere else.

But our latest discovery takes that easygoing Aussie style and injects it with a dose of edgy bohemianism.

The brainchild of Sydney designers Gina Cole and Edwina Hagon, Strummer is like the older sister of staple shops like Madewell or J.Crew, but with a decidedly vintage feel. Think wardrobe basics like denim shorts and cropped tops mixed in with statement pieces like metallic shorts to get a breezy, free-spirited vibe.

Here's another reason why we love Australia- it's summer there, which means all of the cold-weather clothes are now on sale! And obviously, their winter collection is just as cute.

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