Your go-to outfits for surfing, skating, jamming, and doing just about anything else fun.

by rebecca willa davis

If I were to describe a dream day, it would go something like this: wake up late, hang at the beach, skate back home, have a little bit of jam time, before meeting up with friends. And what would you know, the spring '13 campaign from Stussy is basically that in a nutshell. Acclaimed fashion photographer Valerie Phillips follows model Staz as she just goes about her day, only outfitted in tropical print shorts, oversize knitted sweaters, and logo'd headbands.

Pastels, prints, graphic patterns--the collection has just about everything you could want to get you through the warm weather. Sure, I'm a little jealous. But while I can't head to the beach (at least, not quite yet--it's cold and rainy in New York City today) I can start outfitting myself in preparation because every item featured is now available for purchase online. One-click summer prep? Now that's dreamy.

Visit to shop the spring '13 collection.