jamie burke and his girlfriend in matching outfits…

by ali hoffman

Jamie Burke is hard to keep up with. First a model, then a musician, followed by a couple actor gigs, and now a model again?

Apparently so, judging by The Kooples new fall 2012 lookbook, which features the tattooed Burke and his girlfriend of three years, Mila de Wit, clad in cool leather jackets, houndstooth trousers, and matching suede boots. The winter-ready range seems seems a perfect match for the It "Koople"--a mix of rocker mystery and Parisian sophistication.

Which goes to show the genius behind the French label's marketing strategy since launching in 2008: Mix cool clothes with even cooler, real-life couples (famous faces from past seasons include Annabelle Dexter Jones, literary critic Frédéric Beigbeder, Devendra Banhart, etc etc), and in the end the customer doesn't just want the clothes...we want the relationship, too.

Check out our favorite looks below, but be warned, it may result in a sudden urge for a new winter coat and a new winter boyfriend.