warning: these dresses contain graphic content (in the coolest way possible).

by liza darwin

We've been obsessed with Aussie label We Are Handsome's swimsuits ever since we first laid eyes on its high-fashion update of those kitschy animal tees. They're quirky, easy in a "I don't care what you think" kind of way, and are definitely one of coolest ways to get in on the picture-perfect trend that's been happening for several seasons now.

But while the brand is definitely still as fashion forward as it's always been, the latest collection has us looking back... well, kind of. Inspired by European vacations, nature adventures, and memories of your childhood days, "The Vintage" is stocked with minidresses, leotards, leggings, and yes, swimsuits, stamped with even more of its signature animal images and dreamy landscapes.

You can buy the nostalgia-inflected collection when it hits stores in a few months. Can't wait that long? In that case, we suggest raiding your local tacky tourist shop or thrift store for some gorgeous graphic inspiration in the meantime.

Shop online here.