lookbook: wildfox

some seriously advanced resort style.

by ray siegel

With as much sincerity as I can possibly muster, let me put it out there that Wildfox's Resort '13 lookbook called "Granny's Closet" is the best thing I've ever seen. And this is where designers Kim Gordon and Emily Faustich got the idea:

“Going to grandma's house as a kid, you don't really think of her as a young woman, you see her as she is; old and maybe a bit crabby, hilarious and totally picky, wearing outfits she's had since the '60s mixed with incredibly funny '80s sweat suits and orthopedic shoes. Looking through the sun bleached pictures gran's got stored away, you try to imagine what her summertime crush was like at 18, or laughing while sipping martinis with her girlfriends at 21. It's hard to imagine that granny, but when you see one of those old photographs, it can be fantastically overwhelming."

I LOL'ed from the girls' quote as I was simultaneously imagining my own grandma, Francine, taking me to the pool in the same super '80s, fringe one-piece swimsuit she's been wearing since I was five years-old. Or better yet, Francine's go-to workout gear: a cowl-neck cashmere sweater, capri spandex and giant Versace sunglasses. Though Francine is the type of grandma who much prefers afternoon martini hour to a power walk with "the girls," I really can visualize her in every one of the scenarios proposed in Wildfox's lookbook.

Unfortunately, I've only seen photos of a young Francine in a '60s-style bikini at the Delano in South Beach, but her look is so great now that I'd rather remember her like this. I just realized why I dressed like an old lady…so yes, these are my very favorite resort looks.

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