look at me, i’m sandra dee!

by nylon

Wildfox regularly mines the past to come up with clothes we want to wear right now. Think the '90s for a very Clueless-inspired collection, or '60s flower children for daisy-covered sweaters and tees.

But for summer, the California-based brand is going way back, to the 1950s. "I've always been a big fan of pin-up art, it's so extremely American and the history behind the pin-up girl is so interesting," is how Wildfox designer Kimberly Gordon puts it. "I grew up collecting cheesecake books, I starred as Sandy in the school production of Grease, listened to Elvis constantly, and memorized every oldie I could get my hands on."

You don't have to be as hardcore as Gordon to get into this collection, which features dice prints, Hawaiian motifs (think pineapples and leis), and a sweater inspired by a milk carton. And in its own way, Wildfox definitely does the body good.

Now sing it with us, "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee!"