The brand that fits…

by Josh Madden

The folks at the LA-based eyewear brand Lookmatic know that no matter what the brand name is on your glasses, if they look wrong on your face--they look wrong on your face! The truth is, it's hard to shop for glasses. You have a salesperson trying to sell you on them and your friends have their own opinion...it's always a mess. The answer? Lookmatic.

At the Lookmatic.com website you can upload a photo of your face and design your own glasses by choosing from 80 timeless frames, different frame colorways and different lens tints. The Cole family, who started the brand have been in the eyewear business for 50 years and it's from this experience that they built this new brand. You can design up to five different pairs of Lookmatic glasses and have them sent to your house for try on, even after you've virtually tried them on. So head on over HERE and design your new favorite pair of sunglasses or spectacles now!