Photo courtesy of Loquita Bath and Body; courtesy of Columbia Pictures


Invoke Manon With This ‘Craft’-Inspired Bath Bomb

Plus more horror-themed relaxation essentials

Having just used a bath bomb for the first time in my life, I can confirm they turn the relaxation factor of sitting in a steamy tiled room, submerged in aromatics and bubbles, way up. They're an Instagram Story's best friend and definitely a gateway to a lifelong addiction to personal TLC. From goth bath bombs to Harry Potter ones, there is truly nothing one cannot turn into a bathing accessory. Indie California beauty brand Loquita Bath and Body knows this and went ahead to make horror movie-themed ones because nothing screams bath time more than dropping Chuckie's cut-up face in the water you're moments away from sitting in.

Photo courtesy of Loquita Bath and Body

Loquita Bath and Body's latest creations include bath bombs in the shape of Fight Club soap, a T-Rex eye from Jurassic Park, and the mask Eric paints on his face in The Crow. Nancy's purple lips from The Craft are a particular favorite simply because getting witchy whilst bathing sounds like a truly transformative experience. (No scorpions, please!)

Photo courtesy of Loquita Bath and Body

Each bath bomb clocks in under $6. They're currently being restocked, so keep it locked on Loquita Bath and Body. Don't get too comfy, though! Who knows what truly lies beneath the surface.

Photo courtesy of Loquita Bath and Body