Lorde Returns With New Songs At Pre-Coachella Show

The Lorde returneth

by Lisa Eppich

So far 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Lorde—we got a new single, a Saturday Night Live performance, a Cadbury egg-themed version of "Green Light," and an engaging interview on the Rookie podcast. Oh, and a new album, Melodrama, due to drop on June 16, just in time to be our summer soundtrack. So, consider us extra excited that the singer held a secret concert last night before Coachella—her first show since 2014!—and although the $20 tickets sold out in under a minute, there's plenty of footage to go around. You're welcome.

The singer performed 12 songs at the 300-person venue Pappy & Harriet's, including "Green Light" and "Liability," as well as a new song called "Sober." The latter is a smoldering and haunting piece, with familiar themes of pretending not to care while chasing a rush, and an infectious chorus that constantly comes back to the question, "but what would we do when we're sober?". Also, although it wasn't on the set list Pitchfork managed to snag, the singer played a piece that is likely her next album's title song, "Melodrama," another somber piece that speaks of fear and regret. Heavy themes for sure, but it comes as no surprise since the singer has called 2017 "the year of emotion" and that the album will apparently tell the tale of a single house party and the way your perception of yourself changes as the night wears on.

Lorde seemed to enjoy herself throughout the performance, decked out in a long-sleeved, floor-length nude gown with a silvery diamond pattern, as well as her trademark dark mane and clawing, erm, unique dance moves. With the new album coming in just two months, Lorde's return to the stage is likely here to stay—and we're keeping our eyes peeled just in case the diminutive singer shows up on the stage at Coachella. We can hope, right?

Check out snippets of the performance below. 

(Via Pitchfork)